R U OK? – Conversations that Change Lives: AFL Avatar Activity


AFL Avatar Activity

Being an AFL Player has it rewards and also its challenges and stressors.
What are some of the challenges or stressors for you?
Living away from family and friends
Juggling training and study
Injury and illness
Retirement & de-listing
Media pressure



Look at the image below, what do you see?


So, we are going to attempt to create a Mini-Me, or really, a Mini-You.

Be creative, choose the look of the avatar. Think of personal characteristics, what they might be feeling, their background, home life, etc. This avatar should be a 3rd person representation of you. Try to visualise this in your avatar – we will be adding text descriptions later.

To make life easier for those of you that may have have not picked up a pencil since Year 10 Art class we will be using an online Avatar creator, link below.

Note: If you have picked up a pencil since said art class, why not impress us all and take the old school approach and draw your own.



DoppleMe – Free Dynamic Avatars


Once you create your Avatar save the little fella’

extra link:

On a PC, want your avatar to have a little more…muscle? try The Hero Factory:

The Hero Factory




In pairs, show another your Avatar, ask them if they can describe this person from the visual alone. Has your partner given you the story of your character you envisioned? Were they completely off the mark? – Chat about this.



Let’s give your Avatar some history. Using Padlet, an online noticeboard of sorts (that you can share and let others collaborate on) you will surround your avatar with information that will help describe you. Will will use the following sections:

  • Who am I?
  • What am I usually like?
  • What are the specific behaviours you have noticed?
  • Wassup?

If you need a little help, download the AFL Avatar prompt sheet in the resources section below.



Click the link below to open a new Padlet, When you have created a new wall, upload your avatar image from DoppleMe you saved. Surround them with the words you choose. See the example image below.

Note: If you took the artistic approach, write the words on your, no doubt, amazing work of art.




Paddlet Example

click to see this full size



AFL Avatar Prompt Sheet – if your having a little trouble coming up with words to use, you know, ’cause words can be tough.

Click to download: My AFL Avatar Prompt Sheet



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