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Daniel Garcia is a charming, witty, dashingly handsome and modest teacher from Victoria, Australia. After working in a range of careers (game design, animation, toy design, advertising and marketing , freelance design and a brick layer …for a summer… to name a few) he started teaching Secondary College in 2012.

Daniel has always been a big believer in the power and engagement of agile technologies in the classroom and the importance of empowering the teacher to create original, personalised resources for their students, in short, teachers becoming the own authors. 

In his first year of teaching he was asked to join the Apple Distinguished Educator program and has since done a range of work for Apple, Schools and other organisations.

In 2014 Daniel accepted a leadership position to focus on teaching and learning with Agile Technologies and working with refugee children (which is way more rewarding than bricklaying)

You can find all of his lessons, resources and much more on his website: www.danielgarcia.com.au

You can check out all of my posts from my 2012-2013 classes (History, Media, IT, Geography and more) here: 2013 / 2014 Classes (Archive).

To see some of the things I got up to in the classroom, a good place to start would be my Year 8 Humanities class posts here: Year 8 Humanities

Another wealth of resources I have created can be found on my YouTube channel: YouTube Channel.

I have many exciting new things planned for my new school in 2014 and beyond, and this will be the best place to find them.

I post a wealth of info under a range of topics, use the topic dropdown menu on the right to find a topic that interested you (when I remember to put a post under a topic that is!)

I am always happy to share my experiences and knowledge with other teachers or schools, so feel free to contact me for any info or ways I can help out.

Thanks for stopping by.




Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans

-John Lennon, Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy), 1980

But he did also say “I am the egg man, I am the walrus” so I don’t know what to believe…


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