Using the Apple App Store and the Google Play store in the classroom (or, digging through the mountain to find gold Vs. digging through trash to find nothing)

I am working on a digital program for students that will incorporate a lot of apps. Being the inclusive guy that I am (and not wanting to have schools miss out) my goal was to use equivalent apps from both app ecosystems, The Apple App Store (iOS / macOS) and the Google Play Store (Android / Chrome).

Most likely, and a good chance it will work

And this is where I came into my first realisation, not all app stores are created equal. I thought it would be as easy as writing a great lesson and then finding some great apps to use. Apple App Store, check… then of course there would be the equivalent on the Google Play Store?…nope. Even big name apps don’t show their face much there.

What apps I did find were an inconsistent mess, other than Google’s stock apps there seemed to be no design language or common UI amongst them.

Not likely…

The issue I have now is gimp my lessons to suit apps that I can find on the Play store, make my lessons more about fundamental techniques (and the use of apps are optional) or focus on iOS only (which will limit my audience)

No real good outcome here.

Say what you want of Apple’s stricter user guidelines, testing and quality control (or the fact that they have a bigger user base…or at least a more profitable one) but it sure does make life easier for my lessons.

Note: Just try it yourself, all I wanted for one lesson was a simple Comic book creation app, iOS many to choose from, including the great Halftone. Google Play…well, you find something amongst this.


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