My Anzac & World War 1 – Year 9 Australian Curriculum Course & Resources on iTunes

With Anzac day coming, thought it best to plug some of my previous work. Should save you History teachers some time….

mr. dan

NapkinJust a reminder to everyone gearing up for Term 2 (tomorrow!)

The course and resources I created for Apple are freely available and promoted on iTunes. The course has a wealth of original learning activities, resources such as original videos, Multi-Touch Books, Critical Thinking questions, other cool interactive elements and more created by your truly. Designed with the Australian Curriculum in mind, if you’re a Year 9 teacher, all the work is done!, One whole World War 1 unit ready, with a depth study and final assessment task (with multiple learning choices for students to cater for the diversity one finds in the classroom)

You can subscribe to the course as a teacher and take what works for you, or send it to all your students, all materials a freely downloadable.

Finally, if you want to run this course in your class and enable cool things like course discussions, student tracking and more, feel free to…

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