It’s like your water bottle…in the sky.

Just a quick Raffy & Running story.

I try and get out for a run whenever I can, Raff comes along for the ride. Every trip down and up Mount Macedon is a learning adventure for him. Calling out the ‘neigh-neighs’, the ‘moo-moos’ and the ‘big-flowers’ (that would be his word for trees) he gets far more out of it than I do.

Yesterday was an interesting one, I know he is learning new things every day*, but this was one of those times that it really was clear.

It was raining a little on our way down the ‘mount, Raff stuck his hand out of the pram as some drops landed on him, “water?” he said. Yes, water, but when I replied he shook his water bottle, confused, this is water right?.


I could see the look on his face, trying to figure it out. We pulled over, and I tried to explain it as best I could, “It is like your water bottle in the sky”, he then looked at his water bottle, then the sky, and exclaimed “water” while pointing his bottle to the heavens.

Not quite, but he was getting there.



I tried to think back to the last time I received such a revelation of something new (that would be the time I learnt that the little arrow on the petrol gauge in your car points to what side the tank is on), I can only image how much fun it must be getting a new revelation like this every 10 minutes.


*(I also learnt more about the proper use of the term every day)


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