Infants and iPads: They will get square eyes (well, technically 4:3)

File_004Writing duties about our son Rafferty normally go to my wife (you should check out her writing at– she uses lots of big words and has far better grammar than I) but in this case I want to talk about something I hear a lot, “You let him use your iPad? That can’t be good for him?”.

This argument comes from both the young and old alike, and you can replace iPad in that sentence with: game, iPhone, Watch, other digital thingIt seems to be the thinking that digital device = bad for development. And I have to say I disagree.

Now I am not leaving Raff by himself playing Candy Crush, but I do leave him to explore. He loves his pencil and paper and will sit happily and draw, but when in front of my iPad I can really see his gears turning.


After a few weeks of playing with my iPad he really has figured out the basics, swipe (to see another picture of himself) press the home button to go back, hold on an image to see it move, these are all really complex learning actions going on here.

Raffy loves reading his books (turning pages, lifting flaps in pop-up books, reading letters) and he has also discovered he can do this on the iPad, and a little more.
Like all things, everything is good in moderation, and Raff too gets over the iPad and happy to go for a walk and play on the swing. But next time you feel bad for passing over your phone to your new toy (that would be said child), just think about all the learning that is taking place in those presses, swipes and taps.

He still likes drawing the old fashioned way…

And of course a plug for my other project,



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