Year 9 History Teacher?…relax, your planning for next year is done

Kinda’ an excuse to post something (which with my current project has been hard to do), and kinda’ trying to spread the word to History, and all, teachers out there, but as the school year comes to a close teachers are gearing into planning for next year mode.

One resource that is gaining a lot great Australian based resources everyday, and often overlooked by teachers, is iTunes U. There is now a huge wealth of content on there by local teachers just like you. Personally, I think this content is far more genuine, engaging and current than anything you would pay for, so why not take advantage of it.

Right now you can check out the Apple curated, Australian Curriculum page (insert small plug here for my Year 9 World War 1 content…) with complete units and lessons for a range of classes. While you’re there, explore more. The great thing about iTunes U is all content is part of the Creative Commons license.

Want to pick and choose? Well, setup your own iTunes Course, pick and choose from a wealth of content from iTunes U and start adding in your own….baby steps hey.



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