RESOURCES: HTAV – Australian Curriculum World War 1 Course iBook Author Working Files (and more)

pictureFor those of you that attended my workshop yesterday, I promised a lovely little gift. All the working files from two of my popular History courses. My Year 9 Australian Curriculum course for World War 1 (currently highlighted in the iTunes Store’s Australian Curriculum section) and also my Japanese Art History Project (currently highlighted in the DEECD channel)

All these books show slightly different use-cases for iBooks Author and Multi-Touch books (The World War 1 course has a collection of books for different topics, all with different purposes, the Japanese Art History books is a very detailed and visual example)

As I said in my talk, I think the best way to learn something new is to pull apart something old that works (which is why I was always getting in trouble for working our old 486 Computer when I was 13…sorry mum) so feel free to pull my work apart.

To access the resources click here*

*The page is password protected, so for those interested please just send me an email at or tweet me at @dgarciatweets


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