Design your App first and your website second?

As I plug away on designing the ‘what‘ of our project, one thing is clear, user engagement and usage. Accessing the web via mobile is ever-growing, and the benefits of the ease of was of an App; being able to access more functions of the device easily, will be key in our users using our product.

So, why go to the trouble of building a web platform at all? (think of what you are doing right now..yep, at work, wasting time, on your work computer)

 it is a one screen, one purpose space

The biggest thing to consider though is the window the mobile platform gives you. To me, it is a one screen, one purpose space. You need to capture the users attention and be able to deliver what ever you need in one screen. Sure, you will have other functions, but these can be on other screens (and hopefully be intuitive to slide between).

The web?, well, that can come later. Once we have a solid App platform, redesigning and repurposing that for the web is the easy part.



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