Design your next big project like your last great product

Sorry for my lack of posts in the past few weeks, but let me explain. Being on the ground floor of an entirely new project is exciting, you are essentially working with a blank canvas, but how do you start to get the idea into something tangible, that can be explained to others and can become a framework for you to add, modify and improve upon? – oh, and it can take a lot of time (that is my excuse part – moving forward, I will be using this blog as a way to document this little project of ours…)

I have been tackling this project in the same way I used to create products. You have the idea, now it is time to work on the look and feel. Storyboarding ideas, building prototypes, and then constantly refining these – or completely thowing away what doesn’t work. It is far cheaper to do that now than when after you have built it, it also allows you to be completely free in what you are doing, no limits on budgets, stakeholders or time…yet. It has been said that:

Innovation is saying “no” to 1,000 things

This is the space to figure out what those things are.

Below are a few of my steps:



pencilPencil and paper, always the easiest way to start. Quick to visualise your ideas, develop some structure and create links to functions and features that may be floating around in your head.

Prototyping in Keynote:

Napkin 31-07-15 12.23.56 pm

KeynoteIconPeople really do underestimate what this little guy can do, yes it can make presentations, but it is a perfect for fleshing out your ideas a bit more. How will things flow, link to each other and just look on a screen? You can also use the great hyperlinking features to create a workable version of your site, app or anything.

Wireframing in Sketch:

Napkin 31-07-15 12.24.53 pm

app-iconSketch is my new favourite program (for this week) a very powerful and simple tool for creating full wireframes for websites, apps, user interfaces, icons, anything you can think of. You can completely design, iterate and refine your project in this space. Then, in  a few clicks had your designs ready for implementation.


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