Seesaw Trial Post 4: Parent information session (and Arabic handout)

Our EAL students are all over Seesaw, so the next step was to involve their parents, so we invited them all in yesterday afternoon, the hour before they would usually pick them up.

For the parents of our EAL students, English is not their main language, and most are still learning it. Now, as my Arabic is not the best (or my English come to think of it) we got the students to run the show.

They demonstrated what they have been doing, and how parents can sign up (in both English and Arabic the smart cookies)

It was a great session, below are a few pictures from the day, as well as the Arabic hand-out sheet we sent home the week prior the talks about Seesaw, why we are using it and how parents can get he App on their phones.

FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-3 w q

Arabic Handout Sheet:



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