Seesaw Trial Post 3: Trials, Chats and Foxes…

I want to collect as much feedback as possible from all the stakeholders, teachers, students and parents so I am trialling Seesaw in a variety of classes and scenarios. Every grade level (from Prep to 4) have their own unique goals and we are finding that we can tailor Seesaw to meet those (better communication with parents, replacement for handout sheets, journal for students to collect work, reflect on their learning, teachers catering for diversity, language barriers…)

Below you will find a few more videos of me presenting the platform to classrooms. One is our Grade 1 Class, and the other is an EAL Class (English as another Language) this one is particularly powerful as I also have the lesson being translated in Arabic. We are finding the visual nature of Seesaw is very helpful for parents of our students that may not speak the language.

Of a side note, I have also been lucky enough to speak directly with the app developers, a very smart and helpful bunch, and providing our feedback straight to them. Using Seesaw in your class? Just send them an email with any concern and they will get back to you ASAP, great to know.


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