Seesaw Trial Post 1: Setup and Use – LIVE from the Prep Classroom

On my other site,, I have demonstrated Seesaw, a great app that enables students to easily create a digital portfolio. What I feel is the best feature however, is the way it opens up the classroom to our student’s parents.

I have spoken with many parents of our students and I get similar responses. They would love to know more about their child’s achievements and generally, what they get up to, in the classroom. I know when I was asked by my mum as a kid, “What did you get up to today?” I warmly greeted her with the…“Upmh, I don’t know” (yes, I was a charming child). Platforms like Seesaw overcome this. The parent can get notifications about their child’s work, comment, like & more, and open up the discussions and continue the learning when they get home. Parents working shift work have also commented on how they miss this valuable time with their child. Finding ways to capture part of their day can make a world of difference (not to mention how you can easily pass this on to Jeda* back in Iraq)

I am trialling Seesaw in a few selected classes for the next few weeks in the goal to roll it out to all our Prep to Grade 4 classes. Digital Portfolios, celebrations of a student’s work over the year, keeping track of work done in specialist classes, and (my secret, ulterior motive) ways of getting rid of static and wasteful handout sheets are all on the cards.

I will document the process here on the blog, starting with this video.

In this video I work with our Prep class to show Seesaw and how to use it. These students have never used this app before and I think you can see how much they are engaged, by the fact that they sit still for 30 minutes!

I show them how it works, how they can reflect on their work, and how it can be shared with their parents. Then they were on their own and in a few minutes started creating some great portfolios!

* Arabic for Grandma (جدة)


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