Apple Watch, MacBook and Me or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Teaching Tools I Have Or: A Teacher doesn’t need an Apple Watch…Yet

This is a first in a series of feature posts by me. Basically stuff I want to talk about and my thoughts on the education, learning technologies and everything in-between.

bombI admit it, I have a problem, my name is Daniel and I am an alco.. Gadget person. I love myself a good gadget, the more it can be used for education or in the classroom the better. So, when Apple opened shop yesterday for two brand new devices, well, there could have been problems (not sure if they have a 12 step program yet for Gadget people).

Now don’t get me wrong, I do love me a good Apple Gadget (the industrial designer background of me is just too jealous of the stuff they can make) but I appreciate any good device or design that will either; make me a better teacher, or help in my students learning (I am loving playing with Spheros right now)

But something strange happened yesterday, I realised that though I really want both of these things (Apple Watch and the new MacBook) I don’t actually need them.

Let’s start with the new MacBook. Yes it has a great new design (Yes, I think it is weird when we use words like gorgeous to describe computers, but hey, it sure is puurdy‘) a retina screen, and it’s gold…gold Jerry! But I have a MacBook Air 11″, exactly what I am using now and what I use for all my classes. It is powerful, small, and does everything I need. I am also a teacher and presenter. I go into lots of random classrooms and schools every week, I have no idea what I will be connecting up to, the idea of having one port for everything sounds nice and futuristic, but I am afraid I am still in the present. And knowing I will constantly forget to bring the many dongles required makes this one a pass for me, for this year.

Ok, the Apple Watch, a very popular little nugget. But again, something I don’t think I need as a teacher. Sure the notifications stuff is cool, but I rarely use my phone for, well, phone stuff, and I am patient enough that I can check that stuff when I am out of the class. I am also a runner, and yes the sport stuff is also cool, but I don’t need a watch to tell me I need to run more, my own stupid brain does that, and I stand all day if I am at my desk so…boo you watch.

Now the Watch does have some handy Accessibility Features, and I am sure I could think of some cool ways you could use force touch to get private ‘I need a hand on this question’ notifications from students, and finally, keep an eye out for a colleague of mine, Craig Smith and the great stuff he will no doubt be talking about with his new watch (for which I will be borrowing – Thanks Craig, even if you don’t know it yet) and autism, but until we start seeing some 1:1 Watch, or BYOW*(atch) programs in schools, I may take a pass on this one too…for now.

Can you think of some great, educational uses for these products? then please, convince me in the comments below…(it won’t take much, I am an addict remember)

* I hence forth lay claim to the copyright on the term BYOW!


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