My new website and educational resource –

So, one website is not enough these days Garcia?

I have created a new website and educational resource – – what is it all about? well, below is the first post from my new site.

(Note: I will also be publishing info from appmylesson on this site as I know it will have a lot of interest from my current viewers. Appmylesson will have a specific focus, and as such, a lot easier and more user friendly for those looking for what it offers – which I have found it a lot of people!. I hope to at least publish 1 new appmylesson every 2 days. I, of course will still be publishing everything else on this site that is are things educational and agile tech – and a few things in-between)

icon-blogApp My Lesson is a resource created by award-winning educator, designer and Apple Distinguished Educator Daniel Garcia.

I have worked for many schools and organisations in the fields of agile technologies and design, and one question I get asked by a lot of teachers starting out in using transformative learning tools such as iPad in their classroom is:

So, is there an app I can use for this lesson?

That is the point of this website. A handy go-to resource to find unique and powerful apps that can link into the lesson or learning intention you are planning.

Coming up with engaging and interesting ways to use apps in the classroom can be tricky, especially if you don’t want to use an app for the sake of it, but to really transform the learning.

My goal is to give you some great apps and lesson ideas that you can slot right into your lesson. All apps will be linked to certain curriculum areas (Numeracy, Literacy, Arts, etc) and age group (Lower Primary, Middle Secondary, etc).

Think of these as ‘throw-away’ ideas, something you can pickup and use, add some great technology use, creativity and engagement to your lesson – and then complete them – all during the one class. Your students will come away with some great ideas, resources and skills, and so will you, so in your next lesson you might tailor or build upon what you have learnt with a particular app and remix it to your new lesson (feel free to email me your new app and lesson ideas so I can promote them here)

I will be creating lessons in two ways (for now)

An app overview and lesson ideas – This will give you an overview of the entire app as well as a list of lesson ideas for multiple learning areas. I may delve deeper into certain functions of the app and specific lessons later.

App specific feature and lesson – This will delve deeper into certain functions of an app with a detailed and specific lesson using those features.

Finally, I will be focusing on iOS apps as well as OS X apps (for more detailed teacher resource creation options)

Have fun and happy apping’ (apping is not a word, nor should it ever be)

Daniel Garcia



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