Teachers helping Teachers – Developing a teacher run, eLearning Team

teamtasticOne thing that will be quickly apparent to anyone in the eLearning environment of a school is there is never enough time. As much as I would like to spend all my time in the classroom working with teachers and students on engaging and exciting curriculum, you need to do all the stuff beforehand.

Something we have developed at my school is the formation of a Learning Innovation Teams. This team is made up of a teacher representative from each of the year levels. We will work as a team to develop how learning technologies will be a part of our school, provide training and support, feedback, and develop polices and best practice.

Having a representative from each of the year levels will allow each of those levels a voice, as well as allow us to develop a consistent and scaffolded program to best serve the needs of our students and the development of out new school curriculum.

I recently ran interviews for the Learning Technologies Team and was quite humbled by the amount of teachers willing to put their hand up for more work for the better of the school.

Attached is a very quick terms of reference for the formation of the team, which will no doubt be worked on in our first meeting:

Learning Technologies Team – Terms of reference.


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