Singapore – Flyers, Marinas, Runs, Toys, Comics and an Asian Terminator….

8740852436_d35364cdac_bA flew into Singapore last night and have one day of nothing before the busyness of the next two days at Apple Singapore will hit. Driving into the city, it has a very new feel about it. Everything feels like it has a new lick of paint. I checked out the Singapore Flyer (basically a big wheel) and the view at night…all very shiny.8742208374_b4704b454e_kSunday morning it was time to explore. To my luck I stumbled upon the Singapore Toy and Comic Fair, reminiscing of my days as a toy designer I felt I needed to head in.

The place was packed with Toys, Comics, Cosplayers, and some amazing talent (video at the end of this post). Even Rafferty Fox made a cameo:

After that it was time for my New Country Run (c). This was pretty unplanned (as usual) I kinda’ new where I needed to go (basically up) and didn’t think I could get that lost (it is an island after all) but things don’t always go to plan. A few hours later I was back (after heading past the harbour, China Town, Little India, and a small Bus trip – some of which I think I went past a couple of times)

So, that is Singapore done. Time to get ready for my workshops. I will be working with Secondary and Primary teachers this time, so more my style.





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