What have I been up to since my last post? well, a lot it seems…

So, a lot can happen in a 15 days. I will find some time to post about each of these in more detail, but to keep you updated, here is the rundown:

  • Our iPad program has been very successful so far, student engagement is through the roof. The iPad in the Classroom sessions are providing students and teachers with some great new skills and they are sharing these with the rest of the school community.
  • To continue the momentum, and to allow our teachers to create great new content for the iPad program, as well as collaborate, communicate and create, I have been given the approval (and funding) for a MacBook Laptop program for all staff. These will be rolling out over the next few weeks and I will have a lot more details up here soon.
  • We have our first published teacher on our public iTunes U Channel. One of my goals here is to showcase the great work by our teachers and give them the opportunity to become published authors (one thing I believe should be the goal of all teachers). And now we have our first course up by one of the teachers here at Good Sam. These courses may be a simple lesson, or a whole series. I hope to have many more to follow. You can check it out here: Book Creator and Creating New Narratives
  • I have been asked by the DEECD to showcase the power of iTunes U and teacher created content by putting some of my courses on the DEECD iTunes U Channel. These course have been used in the past to show teachers around Victoria the potential and power of this platform. You can check them out here: Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development


  • Finally, I have been asked by Apple Australia to be a facilitator on their Transforming Your iTunes U Course (Bangkok & Singapore) sessions. These are, you guessed it, in Bangkok and Singapore. I will be flying out soon and will have a lot more info on these sessions and what I will be working on soon.

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