ADE Global Institute 2014 – Post 3: The Week Wrap-up

Well, the week is up. I will add some more detailed posts in the coming days, but as I wait for my plane out of here I thought I would add some details of the more technical stuff I got up to.

First up, let me preface this with the below image which was used for most of the Apple Lab sessions:


So, here is some of what I got up to in the Apple Labs:

  • Met the lead on the iWork and iLife suites (Pages, Keynote, iMovie, GarageBand, etc.) and got some real hands on time with the software. The iCloud integration and collaboration tools will be great for both students and teachers and I am always amazed at just how powerful GarageBand is on the iPad and already planning some workshops with my students.
  • Met the lead on iBooks Author, nothing new that I haven’t been doing already, but I was able to ask some questions on future features I am looking for (and of course, can’t talk about here)
  • iTunes U – This was a fun one, just after lunch so I was lucky enough to be the only one in the room with all 4 leads on the platform and asked all the questions that have been bugging me for a while.
  • Accessibility – This was a great lab demonstrating the potential to reach all learners in the classroom, no matter what disability they may have, using the accessibility features built into iPad and Mac. Very inspiring stuff, and this will be my first session I am going to put together and present to may staff next week (I will also post it here and on my new iTunes U course – more info on that later)
  • E.O. Wilson’s Life on Earth – We met with the creator of this project and talked about the work involved. It would be nice to have their budget and time (27 months) to put together my Multitouch Books. As a side note, I did also meet E.O Wilson personally on the elevator on the first morning here – he ended up being the guest speaker that day.
  • Swift and PIXAR – We were lucky to have a session from Randy Nelson, talking about the new Swift programming language and how we can bring this into the classroom. But I have to say I was more interested in his time as head of PIXAR University.
  • And finally, I gave my presentation in front of 1000’s ADEs and Apple employees, which was a fun experience and I will post more detail on that one soon, but here is a sneak peek:
Remember, I was in San Diego…

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