Creating a School iPad Program – Post 6: iPad and eLearning Programs Launching Soon

It has been a little while since I updated you all on the progress of the iPad and eLearning programs I have been planning here (oh, and I have dropped that overly long post title!). In the short – we are moving ahead, in the long, well, that is below.

After presenting my proposal to the leadership team, everyone was onboard and excited to get moving on it. Then came the tricky part of figuring out what needed to be purchased and how best to stretch my budget to get the best results for our students.

I spent some time figuring out ways to get as much devices as I could and then something strange happened. I stopped, looked at where we are now and where we are going and decided to take it back a notch. Instead of going from nothing to everything I thought it best to do this in even more steps, get the most out of what I am bringing into the classes and increase our scope gradually as teachers and students skills and use grew.

  • First up, all teachers will be getting their own iPad before the end of Term 2. This will give them time to explore and just play with the device without having to worry about any of the education stuff.
  • In Term 3 I am rolling out 5 class sets of iPads. Each class will have a dedicated time to use these in their classes (as well as the laptop sets) and teachers can then book other class sets for any time during the day. Now, if they are all getting booked out then great!, my next step is working and we can order some more (after chatting with the account about my plans I discovered my budget was increased!)
  • Team-Teaching in Term 3. In Term 3 I will be going into each class during, what was their IT time. During this time the class teacher and myself will work on some engaging projects that will make use of the new devices and tools. My goal with this team-teaching approach it that the class teacher will know what is the best thing they want from their students and I will be able use my skills in currilcum, teahcing and technology and create a set of lessons that will meet the thing, all the while up-skilling the teacher and the students and empowering them to take those skills into every lesson (and have the ability to book devices anytime they need)

But as you know, new devices are nothing but shiny toys unless staff are provided with the best PD, support and training – well in advance of having to use them.  My goal is to also make this seamless. All the systems in the background just need to work. A teacher should not have to worry about how the WiFi is, or if a certain new app should work, it just has to work and they can focus on their teaching.

So, below is my rough plan on how I will be supporting these new possibilities over the rest of this year:

Term 2
Term 2
Term 3
Term 3
Term 4




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