An iPad, The Aquarium and changing student behaviour by allowing them to become content creators

The student who created the book below was brought to my attention a few days ago. He was acting out in classes and was close to getting the incorrect label of ‘naughty student’.

We have a lot of students that come from many parts of the world that may be experiencing trauma. With this student, English is not his native language (like a lot of our community, he speaks Chaldean) and the classroom setting was very new to him, we needed to look at different ways to engage him in his learning.

With an upcoming excursion to the Melbourne Aquarium, there was talk that he may not be able to attend, I was asked if I would like to go and work on a little project.

Taking an iPad, I thought that we could try to make a ‘Aquarium Guide for Chaldean Children’. The student was completely in charge (I gave him a quick overview of the app, but the rest was up to him) and he produced a great piece of work as well as having a fantastic day.

It showed his great understanding of both the English and Chaldean language and some great imagination and creation skills.

The App used is Book Creator. A simple app that allows you to make a book complete with audio, video, photos and more and outputs an ePub that can be viewed on many devices (iPads, PC, Android and more). Though you could achieve similar results with other apps such as Keynote, its ease of use and sharing options makes it a handy little app.


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