Developing an iPad Program in a School Environment – Post 4: Money, Proposals, Money, and Money

IMG_20140424_141643Did I mention money?

The past week that is all I have been focused on, and how to spend it correctly. I have learnt that though possibilities for engaging students using agile technologies is endless, cash supply is not, and I am on a rather tight budget for such a large school (but never to back down from a challenge I believe this will help me in really focusing on what will be our key motivations, possibilities and areas to excel in – what will be best for our students)

I have been looking at leasing options, staff contributions, parent contributions, grants, not for profit organisations, busking on the street and more.I feel one of the key things here is to not fall in the trap of basing everything around a device as this can be seen on the outside as us just selling a tool. There is so much more, giving students 21st century skills, allowing them to become creators not just consumers of learning – we are not just developing an iPad Program or Laptop Program or (insert latest thing here) Program, but a whole new curriculum and way of student learning – see, doesn’t that sound a little special…

I won’t go into the details now, but my weekend will be spent creating a proposal to the rest of the leadership team on how I see eLearning and Agile Technologies moving forward at our school for the next few years – in a fancy animated Keynote of course. I will then present this to all staff for their input and go from there.

Stay tuned for all those resources….



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