Developing an iPad Program in a School Environment – Post 2: Don’t forget about the Tech you have now

DSC_0002Yes, iPads are shiny and new, but as we are in our first steps of developing this program they are still a while a way. One thing I am aware of is all the ICT we have in our school now, what the teachers are using every day and how best can we use what we got.

My first mission was to get our laptops in order. These machines still have a lot of life left in them, they just need some love.

The quickest fix was to re-image all the laptops with the latest software, Free being the word of the day here. A lot of students were only using the machines for Word Processing but that is about it. As much as I would love software like Photoshop and Premier it is very pricey and most likely offer more than we would really need. Instead I sourced a bunch of free alternatives that will do the job and easy to use.

Some examples of free SOFTWARE to use in schools:

Audacity – For music and audio editing

Autodesk 123D Make – A fun 3D model making program (and printer)

Blender – A very powerful 3D Modelling and Animation Package

Game Maker Studio (Free version, but also currently Free to update to the next version) – A powerful game development program

GIMP 2 – A image editing program similar to Photoshop (but with a lousy name)

Inkscape – A vector based image program similar to Illustrator

Kodu Game Lab – A very easy and visual game development program from Microsoft

Lego Digital Designer – Design and create 3D environments out of virtual Lego (also check out Lego for Chrome)

Microsoft Movie Maker – A simple movie editing program

Photo Story by Microsoft – Create movies from your pictures

Picasa – An image editing program from Google

Google Sketchup – Create 3D models and architecture


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