Developing an iPad Program in a School Environment – All the steps along the way… Post 1: Introduction

iPadI have been given the go ahead to develop an iPad program at my new school. As you know by following my blog, I am a keen supporter of the device and its potential in the classroom. I also know all to well that it takes time, support and training for everyone to get the most out of it.

One of the key reasons I took on my new role was to get the chance to setup an iPad program, in what I believe, is the right way and use some ideas I have picked up form my years using the iPad, talks and training I have presented at other schools, work I have done for Apple and my connections from being part of the ADE program.

What I will be doing is documenting the entire process on the blog (I have setup a new category for it) so hopefully it could be used as a guide for others in the future (my process, things that worked, didn’t work, stuff like that)

Some topics I will no doubt cover would be research, hardware requirements (school wide wifi, server loads, apps, volume purchasing)  student purchasing options (BYOD, school purchase, lease?) teacher training and PLT, class trials, program evaluations, student use and engagement, teacher use and engagement (that is the important one), creating original resources (one of my big things), personalising the device for students and much more.

I believe one of the keys to the success of developing a program such as this is inputinput from leadership, staff and students should not be ignored as everyone has experience and knowledge to share.

So I encourage you to add your own input to any of the posts I put up. This is not an exact science and will be different for every school, but hopefully my experience, perspective and unique style (c) my be a help to others.



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