New Role – First Post

Sitting in Prep classes has been fun, I drew a Turtle, I am now popular...
Sitting in Prep classes has been fun, I drew a Turtle, I am now popular…

I have been quiet the past few weeks, busy getting the hang of my new role. The change from being in a Secondary School and spending most of my time in the classroom to being in a Primary School and spending a lot of my time behind the scenes has been interesting (and there is more hugging).

I have been spending a lot of time popping in and out of teachers classes and constantly impressed by their enthusiasm and willingness to embed ICT in their classes, the students even more so.

I am working on a lot of different things at the moment; working with teachers and students, working on new resources and looking into the potential of things like iPad programs and implementing other agile technologies.

All my resources from the past two years of my lessons are on the blog (I will put my 2014 lessons, of which there only were a few) into that archive shortly.

Soon the new posts will role in, for those that have subscribed to my blog you will no doubt see a change in what I post (I have learnt quickly that I need to speak.. much… slower…) and will focus on eLearning implementation with a whole school approach (In a Primary School Setting), I hope that some of you may still find it useful.

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