2014 Classes Intro (and how to use this blog)

2014 Classes Intro (and how to use this blog)

Hi Chaps,

A new year, a new look. I have made this site as clean and easy as possible for you to get around. I will also have a lot of new students this year that may not be used to the Mr Dan System (c).

This blog will be the main resource I use for your classes so have a look around. Below is a quick run-down of how it all works. It will also connect to the other resources I create for you such as iBooks, iTunes U content, Video Lessons, YouTube and more.

How to use this site (in one image)
How to use this site… in one image (Click for a full size view)

You will soon find out I post a lot of info on the blog from resources and lessons for your classes, examples of your work, video lessons, extra details on topics we talked about in class and more.

To make it easier to get a visual overview of what each post is about I will be using several styles. Each post will be colour coded with a style and icon:

Video Lesson – Lessons I film a lesson for you to watch and complete.
Other Post  – Some posts won’t fit into a certain style, that’s when I use this guy.
Class Discussion – Some posts will require you to make a comment.
Announcement Post – When I have something important to say about your class
Extra Resources – These posts contain extra resources from the last lesson you had.
Student Work – You chaps do some awesome work, these posts will showcase that.
Resources for your next class – These posts will contain resources you will need for your next class.
Online Lesson
Online Lesson – Some classes I will run completely online. These posts will contain all the resources you will need.


Finally, for those returning to my blog I have moved all the posts and resources I created in 2013.

Below are links to all the posts for my classes of 2013. These include some great subjects I am not teaching in 2014 and home to a many great examples of student work, classroom lessons, personalised learning, online lessons and heaps more.

Feel free to look around!

2013 – Year 8 Humanities

2013 – Year 8 Media

2013 – Year 9 Digital Media

2013 – Year 8A Digital Media

2013 – Year 8C Digital Media

2013 – Year 12 IDM


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