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Student Spotlight: Ash (Year 8 History) (Student Work)

I get a lot of awesome work from students each day. Even though I would love to showcase it all here I just couldn’t get the time.

So, I thought I would add a new category, Student Spotlight. My goal here will be to showcase some standout work be it creative, interesting, funny, or just anything.

My first post for this category will be showcasing the work of Ash, a Year 8 student in my History class. Students studied Feudal Japan this term and for their project were required to research and write a paper on A Japanese art style, An event the occurred during Japan under the shoguns and finally combine that research to create and original piece of artwork.

Ash chose to create a manga that told the story of Sakoku, or the Chained Country with his piece: Kazumi and Isamu, or as Ash puts it:

This art piece is a story set in the beginning of the Sakoku period. It is about a couple (Kazumi and lsamu). lsamu is sent overseas to China for a battle, but while he is away a new policy has been put in place by the military government. This policy states that entry and exit of Japan is illegal. But when lsamu gets back disaster strikes.

The Artist; Ash, uses very unique and independent techniques when illustrating his work. It would seem that his illustrating is that of a beginner. However, Ash is a very experienced and professional artist. He makes it look this way to allow for the audience to use their imagination for the finer, non-included detail. He also always seems to find a way to build a strong location the manga is set in, several hundred people were successful in creating an accurate map of his stories, especially his latest; Kazumi and lsamu.

Remember, with Japanese Manga you read from right to left


4 thoughts on “Student Spotlight: Ash (Year 8 History) (Student Work)

  1. Thank you for posting this! I would also like to thank you for not putting the entire comic up, that would be copyright infringement now wouldn’t it? (hehehe)

      • Actually you are pretty much right, they are all there except the first page. I thought it was just showcasing some pages of the comic. Sorry for not writing page numbers; that would have made it easier for you. By the way you put ‘to be continued’ before the final two pages.

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