9 Digital Media: Blender – Lesson 6: Preparing your 3d models for printing using Shapeways

The last step in your 3D building process is to get your model printed. 3D printing has come a long way in a very short time, however it is still not as easy as clicking print and a few seconds later you have your object.

In this video lesson you will see the steps involved in preparing your 3D model to be printed. It focuses on using the service ShapewaysThis is a website that will allow you to upload and print your models. It also gives you the ability to sell your creations to others.

So, now you have the skills you can start creating any objects you can image and have them delivered straight to your door. Now you can’t say you have nothing to do over the holidays…

3D printing continues to get better and cheaper every day. It also is becoming more accessible to casual users and artists. One of the great services offering 3D Printing to you and I is Shapeways. Shapeways allows you to not only get your models printed, it allows you to create an online shop to sell your own models. It’s like theEtsy of 3D printing.

However, preparing your models for 3D printing has it’s own set of requirements. You need to take into account the physical size of the model. Is the model solid or hollow? How thick are the walls? Will the form support its self in the chose material? Among other things, these are just a few of the bits you need to keep in mind when preparing your model for printing.

This tutorial takes you through the process of preparing Suzanne, Blender’s monkey mascot, for printing from start to finish. You’ll learn how to work with real-world measurements, how to hollow out the model, how to check for non-manifold meshes, how to make an escape hole, and more.




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