12 IDM: Exam Revision – CUFDIG304A: Create visual design components

Note: Please make sure you follow the links (links will be underlined & red) to get more info on certain topics. Links provided by the IDM Wiki Space. If you are accessing this from the blog front page, be sure to click the ‘read more’ link to see the rest of the post.

CUFDIG304A: Create visual design components:

Required knowledge:

  • industry knowledge, including:
    • roles and responsibilities of project team members
    • basic understanding of the relationship between technical and creative aspects and requirements of media projects
  • basic design principles of layout and composition
  • characteristics of digital and traditional imaging
  • visual design and communication principles
  • typography
  • copyright clearance procedures
  • OHS standards as they apply to the use of computer and keyboard for periods of time.

Design Elements and Principles: (this will come up several times in the exam)

Design elements and principles

Also, remember to check back to my older exam revision post:



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