9 Digital Media: Blender – Lesson 3 (Video Lesson & Resources)

This course is being run from my iTunes U Course. You can find all the resources that go along with this video on the iTunes U course here:
I will also be running this course from the blog and have attached the PDF of the resources (the iTunes U Course also has an interactive, Multi-Touch Book) to this post.
In this lesson we will be expanding on the basics of box modelling that you did in lesson two. This time however you will be creating a full 3D character.
We are not going to try to create an exact copy (as that will take a long time) but just to continue to develop your techniques. Level 1 will be using my Spongebob example, Level 2 can use their own character.
There will be two ways to access these resources.
  1. iTunes U: By downloading the Video & Multi-Touch Book from the materials in each post. In iTunes U you can watch the video for offline viewing as well as being able to take notes on the video as it plays. This the easiest option and how I will be presenting the resources to my students, however it does require an iPad.
  2. Blog & iTunes U: By downloading the video from the materials in each post and also the separate PDF file that contains the extra resources. This option is for everyone and can be accessed on any device. You can also annotate the video in realtime on any iOS device.
Please choose what works best for you!
PDF Resources for this lesson: Lesson 3
All other resources (books, videos, blender files, etc) can be downloaded by anyone form the iTunes U page.

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