8 History: Japan Lesson 1 (Online Lesson)

We will be starting our new unit proper today, Japan under the Shoguns’ (c.794 – 1867).

I will be running this almost entirely from the blog. This will make everything easy for you to find & share and for me to make quick updates. It will also make it easy for those students absent to work at home and allow the students at Unley High in South Australia to see what we are up to.

This post will contain all the info on your first lesson.

Lesson 1 – Glossary, Location & Geography, Timeline of Medieval Japan 

Glossary (ACHHS149 – Australian Curriculum Link)

  • Talk about the key words and terminologies we will be using throughout this course.
  • What are some words we use in English that have origins in Japan (Manga, Anime, Kamikaze, Otaku)

Student Work: Read through the attached Pages document. It contains a lot of the key words and terminologies that we will be using throight this unit. Next to the words it has a meaning, what I want you to do is under that meaning write your interpretation of what you think it means.

Click here to download the Pages document

You will continue to use this Pages document for the rest of this lesson.

i.e.: Sakoku – ‘closed country’ policy enforced during Tokugawa rule – My Understanding: This is when no one in Japan was allowed to leave the country and no one from outside of Japan could enter.

Class Discussion: What are some words we use in English that have origins in Japan? (Manga, Anime, Kamikaze, Otaku)

Location & Geography (ACHHS151)

Click this link and download the blank map of Japan to your iPad Camera Roll. Using Skitch and your own knowledge & research I want you to label key cities, places and other things you feel is relevant. If you have been to Japan before or going soon (that would be you Fred!) Label the places you have been. Once completed save the final image into a new page on the Pages document you started earlier.

Timeline of Medieval Japan (ACHHS148) (ACHHS149)

Using an online source (paddlet, popplet, Facebook, twitter) or another way of your choosing, create a Timeline of relevant events that occurred in Japan history from Japan under the Shoguns’ (c.794 – 1867).Use Dates, Periods (ie: Edo), the namesummary of the event and any relevant media you can find (images, video, etc).

I am hoping this will be quite detailed so we will also have next lesson to complete this timeline.

Here is my example on Padlet:



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