12 IDM: Exam Revision HELP

Help to some of the questions you had trouble with:


BluRay is one of the first high definition, disc based delivery system still used today. There was another format, HDDVD that come out at the same time. These two were competing against each other to become the main format. BluRay won that battle (similar to the VHS and BETAMAX wars that we talked about and you were not born to remember)

It uses the codec H.264 which is now one of the most popular codecs for size, quality and speed.

Most likely the questions on BluRay will be about the codec. If you get stuck look at the other codecs it gives you (if a multiple choice question) and rule them out.

For example:

3GP – Mobile devices (think of 3G on your phones)

FLV – Flash video (YouTube etc)

MPEG – Mostly DVD

Other than that BluRay discs can hold up to 50GB in data. 25GB per layer. DVD holds (on average) 4.7GB or 8.7 (dual layer).

So you can see why BluRay is used for high definition video. It has a much larger storage space to store the much larger high definition files.

Finally, H.264 is not exclusive to BluRay, you can use it for any file. VC-1 is also a format that has been used for BluRay.

The Design Process:

Check out this Keynote for all the details you will need:

The Design Process

As you can see from the options given, it is not storyboards. These are normally part of the preproduction or production phase.

Question 11 – Design Principles:

Yep, this one is just the Design Principles we have been using for years. They have just used a photo, this may have thrown you as you were thinking about photography. Remember, the design principles can apply to any image.

Go here for a refresher:

Design elements and principles


This one is about Data Transfer mostly referring to the internet and networks.

It is the rate (or speed) that data can be transferred. The more bandwidth you have the more data can be sent at one time.

For example, at Braemar we have a limited bandwidth, if all students start looking at kitten videos on the internet it will fill that bandwidth and slow everyone down.

So, think of the word. The bigger the band width, the more can get through.

CSS – Class & ID:

Classes can be used multiple times on a page and an ID can only been used once

Wait, what?

CSS Id and Class – W3Schools

Hypertext Links:

So, you have been using these forever, like, since the internet was invented.

Here is an example of one:

http://youtu.be/cMjQVZ93KEc – go on, click it. It will guarantee you ace you exam.

An absolute hypertext link is a link to a webpage that contains a complete internet address. Why is this useful?

Go here: http://www.mediacollege.com/internet/html/hyperlinks.html (see, that is an Absolute Hypertext Link)

Hardware Specifications:

This one is talking about the hardware you need to create stuff, be it images, webpages, etc.

So, why do you need good hardware or the latest software to make stuff?

A simple example would be:

If you have created a high definition video but want to compress it so it is a smaller file size but still good quality this will take time. Using the macs in the B3 mac lab would make this job much faster than a machine that is 10 years old.

Time is money! – The faster you can complete work the cheaper it is!

Other things would be:

  • File size (some Photoshop files can be huge. If you have more RAM in your machine they will load and can be worked on a lot faster)
  • Load quickly
  • CS5 need 64bit processing for Premiere
  • So programs run smoothly and do not freeze or crash
  • Rendering speed
  • Able to run the latest software
  • Watch more kitten videos at the same time (Or, have multiple programs open at once)

And finally, if you missed it, the video to guarantee* you pass this exam:

*Guarantee not valid in Australia.


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