8 History: The Black Death – Choose your own Adventure… (Video)

ku-mediumIn our class today we were continuing to look at The Black Death.

As you all have the resources at your disposal (in the form of the Multi-Touch Book I made) we are trying something a little different today. More options.

Students had the choice to stay in the class with me as we talked about the topic or leave with their iPad and the Multi-Touch Book and go through the resources at their own pace and style. The book contained video, audio, interactive objects and more.

Think of it as a Choose your own Adventure class…

The goal was the same, students were asked to reflect on what they had learnt and talked about and answer the Critical Think Questions from the Book and on the blog (we are still finishing these off, results can be found here: 8 History: Critical Thinking Questions)

The below video is of the class that I ran. This is for those away or those that want to see what we got up to.


3 thoughts on “8 History: The Black Death – Choose your own Adventure… (Video)

  1. I think that the Black Death will come back but will be less severe but will spread further.

    With our modern ability to travel across the world in a matter of hours that if a pandemic was to occur it could spread to the entire world within weeks.

    But if the disease is the same as the Black Death then humans bodies may have evolved to be better equipped to deal with it. Because it has occurred before then the survivors may have passed down genes that can more effectively fight off the Black Death.

    So if the Black Death was to come back it would be much more widespread but it’s effects would be much less than back in the medieval age.

    Also modern medicine would help to no end the stop or at least help to slow down the plague whatever it may be. Our medicine is hugely improved to the medieval era.

  2. If there was to be a rendition of the Black Plague today, much of the world’s population would be susceptible to it. If the plague is new and there is no known cause for it, lots of people would initially die, until scientists and doctors can work out a way to slow it down.
    The plague would be spread by human interaction. This could be from a handshake to a hug. The germs from the plague would get into the person’s blood stream and then take over the body systems from there.
    If the plague was so easily transmitted, it could have reached and infected people of the other side of the world within a day. If somebody with the plague is on a plane, they could touch someone, even if it was accidental, and they could in turn touch someone else. This means that by the end of the flight, the majority of the people on the flight would have been infected. As all of the passengers disembark, they go and greet their own individual families, therefore passing the plague on. The air hostesses and pilots would also transfer the plague to the new passengers as they pass trays of food and drinks.
    Until there is a known cure for the plague, it will just keep infecting all of the people of the world until everybody is infected. When pregnant women are infected, the plague would then transfer onto their babies. This means that no babies would be born without it.
    A way to isolate the plague or stop it from spreading is to isolate the infected people. If everybody with the plague cannot interact with others then others cannot get the disease. Another way is to try and cure the kids and hope that they can repopulate to world in the years to come.
    Recently scientists have been able to cure cancer with HIV. This works for kids as they cannot catch AIDS at their age. Currently there is a 80% chance that it will work but if that could work against the plague, the children could be cured and then isolated, so that they cannot catch the plague later. This would mean that their kids would have a stronger immune system against diseases in the future as the genes have already fought against them and know how to cure their bodies.
    Although this is all speculation, it could be possible for a pandemic like the Black Plague to attack today. We know, roughly, how to cure the Black Plague so it would have to a the Black Death on drugs (aka the Essendon Football Club of plagues).

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