8 History: Weekly Research Question – 90s Edition

toy-soldiers-movie-poster-1991-1020233683Castles were designed to be symbol of power, to protect the king and be a fortress and place of safety in a battle.

In this week’s WRQ I thought I would allow you to be a bit creative. Let’s imagine that Woodend is under attack and Braemar is going to be your Castle (while were at it, why don’t you go ahead and make yourself king). 

How would you defend Braemar from a Siege and how will you keep your people (classmates) safe? Remember, not only do you need to defend your people from attack but feed them!

Though this is clearly a bit of creative thinking, I want you to be serious in your approach and only talk about things that would be possible in this day and age (no sharks with lasers attached to their heads…)

Let’s look to the early 90s for some inspiration:



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  1. Here are some easy steps to protect Braemar College from siege:
    1. If we had been warned early, I would put strategically positioned students in the bush along Mt Macedon Road, pouring cooking, motor and any other oil on the road, so that when the enemy come up the mountain (hopefully in buses…), their vehicles can not find any traction on the road and therefore crash.
    2. When the enemy has got out of their destroyed vehicles, we would offer that they surrender and go home. They say they will not Surender.
    3. Before they can start to attack us, retreat to the buses waiting up the road, and drive the rest of the way up to the college.
    Have students staying at college to prepare following things:
    •Melted marshmallow (make sure extremely hot) – find marshmallow and other lollies to melt in kitchens.
    •Deodorant bombs – raid lockers of all deodorant cans and tape. When time comes tape open deodorant cans and throw down to enemy. Then throw down remaining marshmallows (that are on fire), to light the deodorant… boom.
    •Take all locks off lockers (use bolt cutters if necessary)
    •Collect all chilli seeds and hot chilli sauces, liquify and fill spray bottles.
    •Collect all shovels, rakes, brooms, other heavy metal garden tools.
    •Gather all cutlery
    4. Offer them once more to surrender. They refuse
    5. Throw down the deodorant and the lighted marshmallows. This will singe a few enemy.
    6. Using wooden spoons fling molten marshmallow at enemy, this will cling to their skin and burn.
    7. Gather all the good dodge baller players and throw locks at the enemy. Hopefully this should knock a few out
    8. Throw cutlery/garden equipment down at enemy. This should hurt the enemy.
    9. Spray/flick/poor, chilli essence down on the enemy, this should really burn when it gets into their existing cuts.
    10. Hopefully the enemy will be enticed inside, and will split up to look around the building. When the enemy walk unguarded into rooms, spring out of fireplace or other hiding places to defeat them bit by bit.
    11. Hopefully you should now have an enemy free zone!
    When some of party is intercepting enemy down the road, gather all the thick books from the library. They can be used as personnel shields. Remove a few completely wooden doors from their frames and fix all around the Braemar Tower balustrade, this will also act as a shield. Fix a few thick books to this, these will give some holes where locks and other defense items can be thrown
    *If this did cary on for longer than a day, I would raid the kitchen and the cafe. I would also station some men around the water tanks, so the enemy can’t pierce them.

  2. I wold first go to the kitchen and grab all the alcohol and all the other flammable liquids. Tie a piece of cloth socked in oil round all the flammable liquids then clim to the top of Braemar house, then light all of the pieces of cloth and throw them at the raiding army coursing a fire. Then I would run to the science rooms and light one Bunsen burner and turn all the other gas taps on coursing an explosion, the flame would hopefully go down the gas pipe to the gas bottle creating an big explosion. Then there will be fire everywhere causing most of the invading army to flee away from the fire. After that I would run back to the kitchen and grab all the knifes and tape them on to sticks using it as a spears. Also grab all of the food supplies and take them down in the under ground tunnels. Then try to find our way out of Braemar through the tunnels. But if we bumped in to any of the raiding army on our way out of Braemar through the tunnels we would, SPEAR THEM TO DEATH!!!!!!

  3. Sorry about last post here’s the update

    I would first go to the kitchen and grab all the alcohol and all the other flammable liquids. Then I would soak strips of cloth in oil and put them in the top of each bottle of liquid, climb to the top of Braemar house and light all of the pieces of cloth and throw them at the raiding army causing a fire. Then I would run to the science rooms and light one Bunsen burner and turn all the other gas taps on, causing an explosion. The flame would hopefully go down the gas pipe to the gas bottle creating a bigger explosion. Then there will be fire everywhere causing most of the invading army to flee away from the fire. After that I would run back to the kitchen and grab all the knives and tape them on to sticks using them as spears. I would grab all of the food supplies and take them down in the underground tunnels. Then try to find our way out of Braemar through the tunnels. But if we bumped in to any of the raiding army on our way out of Braemar, we would SPEAR THEM TO DEATH!!!!!

  4. Ah, the age old question of how in the sweet baby bajeezus would you stop a bunch of angry people with guns from taking over a practically defenceless school.

    Well I’m glad you asked, to find the answer you could simply scroll to the first of these comments as it is clearly the longest and most impressive of the three so far.

    But if you don’t like tess then I guess you should read mine.

    If Braemar College was under seige by gun wielding madmen I would use tables and chairs to block all entrances to braemar house and then try and open the secret entrances into the basements of the school.

    From there me, and my merry men(or women), would be able to find weapons in the basement. Now, because Braemar was built a gazillion years ago there are some medieval weapons still under the school. We would kit ourselves out in armour and swords and shields, then we would open one of the entrances and fight FOR GLORY.

    As the battle raged on I would be captured but everyone else would get away. I would be tortured to give away the secrets about the supposed youtube acces for 8A. But I will not give it to them.

    They may take our lives, but they’ll never take, OUR YOUTUBE!!!!

  5. If There was a siege at Braemar.

    If we were informed about the enemy before they reached Braemar, I would put chairs and tables up against the doors to try and stop the enemy from getting in. I would then collect anything that could be used as a weapon. Any sports equipment would be sharpened or made dangerous in some way, all knifes, frying pans and other things would be collected from the kitchen and anything else around the schools that could be used as a weapon would be used. We would then heat up all the oil in the kitchen and collect all the lemon juice, at the same time we would store all the food we found in hidden cupboards or fridges. We would have someone on lookout in the tower to inform everyone of the position of the enemy.

    When the person in the tower told us that the enemy is closing in we all hide in hidden spots around the school. When the enemy has bashed the doors down and are starting to flood into the school, everyone will be hidden. When one of the enemy comes near to a hiding spot the people will jump out, spray the enemy’s eyes with lemon juice and despatch of them. The enemy will be caught by surprise. People with big vats of boiling oil will pour the oil onto the enemy from above. We will then catapult flaming basketballs and other balls onto the enemy. Hopefully by then the enemy would have retreated down the mountain. Everyone would then get out of their hiding spots and go up the mountain to safer ground.

  6. If I was to defend Braemar from attackers from Woodend, I would first place primaries along the roads. They will pour oil and water over the roads to make them really slippery. They will also text the rest of us back up at the school. I would also have people positioned with potato guns, made from the tubing around the school, cooking spray and potatoes. They will be postitioned on top of Braemar tower and at the cafe.

    I would also grab all supplies from Hayward hall I.e the emergency blankets and water, and put them down the dumb waiter in Braemar House. This is where many of the remaining students will be hiding. Using the dumb waiter I can have students run food from the cafe to the dumb waiter where it will reach the students. All of the schools security cameras would be placed and wired to my IPad so that I can see the enemy coming.

    I would have some others on top of the roofs along Braemar House so as the enemy came past they can pour boiling oil from the roofs to burn them. Using some of the wood from the trees around the school, the props and clothes from the drama rooms, potato guns and the lighting at sundown at Braemar, I would make a large wooden structure much like in troy. I would have some students with the potato guns in it to try and scare the attackers.

    If the attackers did not go away, I could launch an all out war with them using more wood as shields and the knives and Bunsen burners as weopenary.

    If none of this works but the attackers still don’t know where we are all hiding, I would sneak every body into Heyward hall, leaving some brave kids outside with some matches. These kids will set fire to the trees down near the car park and run back inside. As fire moves quicker up hill, the enemy will be forced to run, up hill, away from the fire. They may reach the resoviour but I have already poisoned that.

    After a few days, we all come back out, extinguish the remaining fires and go home after calling the buses to pick us up.

  7. If I was to defend Braemar from an army in Woodend. First I would get all the students to help make a robot from all the resources we can find in the school and place the robot at the entrance gate to fight the army if they tried to get into Braemar. The robot would have built in knives to throw at the army and would also have meat cleavers as hands, to fight the army with if the robot ran out of throwing knives. I would have 2 students on the braemar tower with walker talkies explaining what’s going on to the students in the basement with all the food from the cafe and kitchen. I would use tables from class rooms to board up the doors and windows and have 20 students in the bush with locker doors as shields and kitchen knives to attack the army if they tried to go through the bush. I would also have a clock tapped to my chest and also have a four glue sticks wrapped in sticky tape and coloured in red to have in each hand as a prank which isn’t real, to ran towards the army and try to scare them away.

  8. So, there are people coming to raid Braemar for what ever reason. What do I do?

    I’ve gotten all the most sportiest people in the school and split them in to two categories: strongest and fastest. For the strongest, I gathered the cricket padding, lacrosse padding, hockey padding/helmets and baseball/softball helmets and catchers padding. All the people with just helmets were the warriors and the few that had padding as well were the tank-warriors. The tanks all also got their choice of weapon out of hockey stick, cricket bat, baseball bat, lacrosse stick or tennis racket and the warriors got fencing sabers or épéé. For the fastest, I took them all to the Art Room were we mixed up a big batch of extra dark green paint and brushed them with it (all over their white shirts. Their mums would be furious). This would allow them to hide in bushes. I then gave them table-tennis rackets so they could quickly run around the enemies smacking them. They got table-tennis balls as well to hit at them from a short distance. I also grabbed all the tennis balls I could find. From there, I went to the kitchen and grabbed all the oil and soaked the tennis balls in it. While I was there, I ripped up the tea towels, soaked them and put them on a stick then lit them. (They were basically torches) Some tennis rackets were left over and I gave them to people along with the tennis balls, torches and gloves to handle the tennis balls when they were lit. I put the left over torches around the school for later use. I filled bottles up with more oil and a strip of tissue paper hanging out. These Molotov cocktails could be lit by the torches I placed. I would gather all the deodorant cans and distribute them to two people per class. In all, each deodorant can holder had about 10-15 cans each. I placed people in all the secret passages with knives so that if anyone managed to make it, the hidden people could stab their ankles. The rest of the school would have one of two things: knives or flaming bowls made by people who went to the science room and filled bowls with the butane from the taps (butane is heavier then air). The bowls would be lit by the torches and then thrown. It would shatter, causing the victim to be briefly licked by the fire and then bet cut and burned by the scorching pieces of clay.

  9. To start with I would have someone in the tower to alert everyone that the enemy. When the alam would go off people will go into the kitchens and empty all the utensils. The defenders will stay in the kitchen and hide. We will put tables and chairs up against the doors so the enemy can’t get in. We will make spears from cricket bats and collect all the sport equipment.

    When the enemy have reached Braemar everyone will hide in different spots of the school. Then when the enemy gets in people in the kitchen would make some sounds to give clues. When the enemy goes into the kitchen the defenders will jump out and pour hot oil and boiling water on the enemy. Where the gas tanks are when the enemy walks up that hill the defenders will throw matches at the gas bottles so they will blow the enemy up. When the enemy get close to the defenders that are hidden the defenders killed the enemy.

  10. If the school, was under attack,
    I would use the buses as barricades and take the petrol out of the fuel tanks and soak all of the basketballs, net balls and soccer in the petrol and light them on fire then throw them at the invaders. After that I would get the best football players and get them to kick footballs on fire!! At the invaders. And if they got too close to the school I would poor boiling hot olive oil (from the kitchen) and boiling hot water on them. And if some of the army survived that I would drop all of the frying pans, pots, and knifes and throw them on the rest of the people mmmmwwaahahahah, and with every entrance I would barricade them with chaires and tables. And also I would get the hot plate spray from the kitchen and make then bombs and light them and throw them at the army. Then I would get the beaker and everything glass from the science rooms and fill them with boiling water and tape the top of the beaker then thrown them at the people. And if they survived all of that well were screwed -D

  11. WRQ: What Would I DO If Braemar Was Under Siege From Zombies ( “Walkers” )

    First thing that i would do is gather up friends and people I like ( Mr.Garcia thats you ) I would then get a whole heap of food that could keep awhile and then I would get down into the tunnels under Braemar house then hopefully everyone else can either fight off the ”Walkers” or draw enough attention away from where we are so that the horde would either get lost in brae mar house or pass by ( as they are dumb because their zombies ) if things got really bad we could start sending people out on run to get supplies from the kitchen like Knives, food ect., the classrooms or to the shed ( for tools that could be useful or dangerous ) at the bottom of Braemar. hopefully we can find enough supplies to last us long enough to survive the horde that is attacking at the time. But if the best case senario happens and there is still civilisation we could call for help immediately or FaceTime through our iPads or macs in Braemar. But of couse for the horde of Zombies to get to Braemar they would have to pass though towns that would likely be destroyed then overrun with “Walkers”. So ultimately if Braemar was attacked by “Walkers” ( Zombies in the Walking Dead ) we would all be screwed.

  12. First I would gather all sport equipment and kitchen utensils that could be used as a weapon and hand them to the students who will be defending Braemar.
    I would have someone in the Braemar tower keeping a look out for the enemy and will alert us with a walkie talkie.
    I would have people on higher ground such as the roof or balcony to attack from above and also keep watch.
    Everyone else would be hidden around the school with deodorant cans and matches (from the science room) to protect themselves.

  13. To start off defending Braemar, first I would make sure everyone was well updated on what was going on. I would get someone to be at the top of the tower as a look out. When the enemies got to close the school alarm (the fire alarm) would go off, and this would be a sign to everyone that the “defending Braemar” task had started. There would be lots of peoe running in and out of the kitchen collecting knives and other weapons, and the same thing would be happening in the gym, collecting all useful things.

    If we knew for a couple of days that we were going to be attacked, then we would start making a wall type object around braemar. This would include tables, chairs, lockers (if we could manage to get them down) and so much more.

    The people in the kitchen would have massive pots of boiling oil. Once the oil was boiled, then they would cart it to where they could easily pour the oil on our enemy. Everyone at braemar would have a weapon on them. It doesn’t matter the weapon was, they would all have something. I would also make it so that peoe were hiding all around Braemar and they would jump out and kill the enemy.

    If we had a person from Braemar in danger, they would always know where the secret passages all around the school are, so they could get away easily through the passages.

  14. What I would to to defend Braemar would be to collect all equipment that we have that we can defend ourselves with. Then I would inform everyone what’s going on and separate people who want to help defend and the people who don’t want to help defend. I would hide the people who don’t want to defend below Braemar and spread out all the people who will help defend. Some people at the front some people on the top of braemar and some people in different rooms.

    Next I would get some of the people who don’t want to help defend to go to the kitchen and collects all the food and water supplies they can find.

  15. If I had to protect Braemar college from a siege I would…

    First I would collect everything from around the school that could be used as a weapon. Such as, kitchen utensils, sports equipment or the doors from lockers. Along the Woodend road I would have students hidden in the trees pouring maple syrup and honey on the road so when the attackers come up the road they would get stuck, and that would give enough time for a warning to be sent up to the tower.

    I would have someone up in the tower on lookout just incase the enemy send people up through the trees by foot. I would send 100 students down through the trees with shovels to dig pot holes and cover them with tree branches so that the attackers could fall in a hopefully brake an ankle or leg. I would have students hiding up on the roof and in several classrooms with oil/deodorant and matches. When the attackers are coming up the hill I would have students throwing down frying pans, or cardboard boxes that are on fire.

    I would have people in the kitchen preparing hot soup and boiling water mixed with bleach in big pots then I would send people in pairs with the big pots full of soup/hot water and bleach to pour on the attackers. I would cut up all the chilli in the kitchen and would mix that with pepper and curry paste. Then I would have people throwing that down at the attackers. (Hopefully that would get into their eyes of into any cuts or open wounds that they have) I would send students down the hill armed with metal skewers and cans to throw at the attackers. Then I would have 6 students with me armed with hand sanitizer, washing detergent and Ajax spray and wipe. That I would squirt into their eyes. Then they would surrender because I’m better.

  16. Well…. I would get all the sports equipment and kitchen equipment for weapons and defense. I would get the bravest people to use those “weapons” and defend Braemar. If the attackers from let’s say ‘Gisborne College’ come and decide to climb up the tower or to get into classrooms I would get Boiling hot condensed milk and chocolate and pour it on them. Also while your waiting on the roof you can bring strawberries and eat fondue. Anyway I would hide everyone in Braemar in the underground tunnels and bring food, water and other useful supplies. I would try and keep everyone quiet so The Attackers don’t find a way to get in.

  17. WRQ: How would you attempt to defend Braemar against a siege!
    (Lets be honest we’re just a bunch of kids)
    Well first we would have to consider who is sieging Braemar. Would they be the North Koreans? If so we would stand no chance as we would be simply nuked. Would they be Russians? If so we would have to hold of machine guns with nothing but some blunt cutlery and sharp sticks. 
    Lets pretend that Braemar is getting sieged by….i dunno, maybe some “sick” people with fungal brain diseases that make them go insane. Using the buses (assuming its morning or afternoon) we would barricade the front entrance road and other entrances around the campus. Using the remaining buses we would build a “wall” around Braemar House. Braemar house would essentially become the castle. We would move everyone into the various rooms and passages. As well as barricading the windows to improve structure stability we would also raid the Cafeteria for any extra food and have it placed inside the kitchen. We would then calculate the rations people would receive each day (we would also fill up tubs and bottles of water assuming that the water supply would become contaminated or blocked). Students/staff stationed on the balconies and on Braemar tower would have a clear view of what is going on. 
    Weapons wise we would attach sharp knives that are not being used in the kitchen to metal poles or thick sticks as makeshift spears. Also raiding the gym for any dangerous sports equipment (i.e Baseball Bats, Hockey sticks etc) would be ideal. We could also craft explosives from the various chemicals and materials in the science wing. We could also use fuel from the buses to make molotov cocktails. 
    Now assuming that these fungal diseased madmen bunch up on one bigs assault we can always just detach that massive gas tank light a match and throw it. It would be a pretty nice explosion, Michael Bay would be proud. Hoping that the army or whatnot shows up we should be able to last at least a few days maybe even weeks depending on casualties and how quick we lose people.

  18. if Braemar was attacked I would firstly barricade all the doors with furniture and anything heavy I could find.( or lift), leaving the underground passage clear for me to access.
    secondly I would put thumb tacs or pin,screws on the driveway and roads for tyres to be flatten. oil could be placed on the bends to encourage vehicles to slid off the mountain.
    Thirdly I would chop some trees down to block access around the school.

    I would collect all the food, water, medical equipment and candles and place in a central place for easy access if power or food supply is cut off.

    I would place the year 5 and 6,s at the windows so they can throw objects at any invaders as they are noisy and enthusiastic and would annoy and drive away many people.
    The shy students I would place in the tower to act as spotters and relay messages.
    The big sporty people can be in charge of throwing and pouring of hot oil, liquids while the cadet and scout students can make the catapults for them. The mischievous and naughty students can act as spies and set traps and trip wires to catch the enemy.

    The year 9 students can be sent out to collect the rocks and other missiles through the the tunnels. the year 8’s can transport these objects to the year 5 and 6’s.

    The year 12’s will be sent to the library to develop a strategy plans and to coordinate the attack. The year 11’s will raid the library and set up bases around the school to protect it by throwing books at the enemy if they are on ladders or ropes.

    The year 10s will be in charge of safety and will ensure that all students are watered and fed. They will take them to the first aid bases operated by themselves if necessary.

  19. If Braemar was under attack, his would be my plan.

    First, if we had previous knowledge of the attack, I would first make it clear that I was the ruler. In this scenario, people would believe me too. I would give an amazing inspirational speech. I would do this even if we have no time at all to defend. Because how many times do you get to inspire people too kill? Once that is out of the way, I would set up an army of people surrounding the premises. They would be equipped and ready for hand to hand combat. Using any weapons available. Knifes from the kitchen, sports equipment, anything.

    This would (hopefully) get rid of some of the attackers. Behind the first group, a second would light a series of fires once the attackers were detected. Through the smoke, the reminders of Braemar would be notified and hide. The attackers may also be scared of as well.

    The rest of Braemar would have already boarded up all the entrances. All the left over weapons would either be hurled from the tower or used once (or if, lets be optimistic here) the attackers got inside Braemar. We would then hide inside the tunnels. When they got into the tunnels we would attack them with the remainder of the weapons.

    If any of these steps failed, I’d probably just light a fire. Though it it would probably kill most of the students, the attackers would be dead. Also being killed in battle is probably one of the noblest ways to die.

  20. If Braemar were to be attacked by terrorists and I had one week to prepare I would begin with this schedule;


    Part everyone into groups of five, and give them set positions in strategic places to begin watching on friday, some examples are the tower, the top of the deforested power lines area running up the mountain to the gym, on top of the gym itself and by the fire alarm. I would like tess, prepare deodorant bombs that have matches taped to them so they ignite themselves when the hit the ground or whatever.


    Gather all of the clothes from over the whole school and build them up to block the bus turning circle all the way across the road and as high and thick as possible; when they attack we will ignite it. Gather all the bins from all over the school so they are ready to push down the hill when they are attacking.


    I will strip the kitchen of it’s content and give them to the blood thirsty groups, this includes hot liquid toffee. Everyone will make google accounts so we can all easily chat quickly and reliably if necessary. I will organise with the fire department to dump water all the way around braemar if they hear the fire alarm; the fire alarm is triggered when they begin to invade.


    Relocation of the Sick Bay. It needs more room for this occasion (most likely). Every book or page, printed, blank, written, lined, or gridded piece of paper will be packed into bundles and will be ignited and thrown at the enemy when the time comes. All the sports equipment will be gathered and thrown also ignited when the time comes.


    The final day. Everyone is sent off to the areas some with the make-shift weaponry, others with the few gathered pairs of binoculars, to begin watching for the early arrivers. We rig all the other building with dangerous science experiments that could explode or gas them at any point. But only the buildings we are not in. We begin battle in the army camouflage that the cadets wear.

    And Now They Arrive…

  21. First I would sharpen wooden sticks and transform them into traps along the entrances. There would be water collected and stored in the places were everyone is kept(Heyward hall, Braemar house and the library). Trees would be cut down to make barricades. The sharps would be used to defend as well as sporting equipment. Battering rams fashioned out of wood. Would be placed on the side of the road to make battering rams and there would be cameras to watch over the school setup along the main areas.if all else fails we will escape down the side of the mountain near the oval. I think this will provide a safe protective space. And a good escape route.

  22. If I were to defend Braemar from a raid of attackers, I would start by blocking all the main front entrances with buses and teachers cars. For the school entrances i.e classroom doors/windows, I would block them all with tables and chairs. If we were informed that would be an attack I would have gotten all the food in the kitchen and cafe stored safely beforehand. If we did not know about the attack, and we were caught in the middle of the attack, I would most likely send a small group of people to stealthily retrieve the food from the cafe and kitchen. If the enemy party had weapons then I would be prepared and and use anything I could as weapons like flinging flaming lockers off the top of the tower or using sports equipment as Mirella said in her response.

    Everyone in the school, at the time, would stay in one area, the home base, where the food and weaponry are stored. The more agile and fit people would stay quiet in different areas around the school watching the enemy. If the attackers came close to our home base the more fit people would attack them using those weapons I mentioned earlier. Because of our school size thankfully we would drive them all off after a long battle.

  23. If braemar was under attack the first thing I would do is to get everyone down to the gym and tell them what is gong on. Then I would separate everyone onto groups. I would gather all the equipment that could possibly be used as weapons and hand them out. People who anted to fight and defend could. However the others could hide away in all the secret passages underneath the school.

  24. If Woodend was under siege and going to be the castle and we had a weeks notice then the first thing that I would do, assuming that it was the start or end of the day would be to blockade the roads leading up to braemar, as there is only three or four roads and they are quite narrow so this would be easy. The next thing I would do would be to dig traps in the surrounding forest and cover them with thin branches but leave some sort of make so that we now where they are. While some people are doing this I would have another group of people go out and raid the houses surrounding braemar for food, things that can be used for weapons (garden tools, knifes), any form of flammable substance, things that can hold water( in case the water lines become contaminated and also at least one of the houses probably has a generator that we could take and hook up to braemar in case the enemy cuts the power. Also I would get them to take any piping, hoses and wiring( this will be used later). I would also take any things from braemar house that could be used as weapons. After that I would have some students go to the science rooms and begin to lay pipe lines down to the turning circle( this is want the pipes and hoses are for) these would then be connected to the gas taps and could be used as makeshift flamethrowers. Another group of students would be in the other science rooms making a low grade napalm using petrol and some sort of gelling agent or maybe soap, this would then be laid on the main road before the blockade and then lit when the time is right. I would take all the CCTV cameras out of braemar house and using the wire I took from the surrounding houses set them up in the forest where it is hard to see people. Because I know that not everyone will fight, the ones that don’t will go down into the cellars and tunnels with the food and water. As I know that there is lots of cadets stuff under the gym which we could use like camo gear so when the enemy attacks we can have people hiding in the bush and there is also binoculars so we can have lookouts in the tower and also maps of braemar and surrounding area so that we can plan where to put our people.

    When the people start to move up towards braemar the lookouts in the tower( who can see a lot further and warn us a lot earlier because they have binoculars) will warn us so that we can get ready. The weapons that we will be using include knifes, the flamethrowers at the turning circle, base ball bats, hockey sticks, garden tools and anything else that can be used. We will make Molotov cocktails and hand held flamethrowers using deodorant or kitchen spray. When the attackers get on to the roads leading up to braemar we can pour boiling water and oil down onto them. People wearing hockey or cricket gear and catchers mitts will throw flaming balls we will beat them back and win.

  25. I would first get all the food and store it in a safe place where the enemy’s won’t know. Such as the tunnels. I would then make sure our water supply is well guarded. Then I will start setting up our defence.
    Braemar tower is our keep and our lookout
    Use some bolt cutters and cut open the chairs with the stones inside them below the cafe and get the stones out of them.
    Arm most people with knifes from the kitchen and cafe.
    Set up cameras around Braemar and use them as security cameras.
    Everyone that is useless or not helping is in the underground tunnels.
    Cut thick sticks 10cm long and tie them up in a cross shape. Sharpen each end.
    Use deodorant and the matches from the science department and make a mini flamethrower.

    When they arrive we will know because we have our keep. When they walk near a building, we will have kids positioned on top of the buildings with the stones from near the cafe, they will throw it down on the enemy. We have kids positioned in the bushes and will throw the cross-shaped sticks at the enemy.
    As they are walking around the school we will know were they are with our cameras. When they walk near doorways or around corners we can spring out on them and burn them with our “mini-flamethrowers” and then stab them if they are not already dead. Slowly, section by section we will kill off the enemy.

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