8 Media: Soundtracks and Braemar House? (Video)

In media last week we began looking at the process of making movies as part of our preproduction process.

One thing we talked about was how the soundtrack of a movie, or scene in a movie, can really change the way you feel about what you are watching, I used this as an example:

After watching that clip I said I think that that music would make any scene feel different. So, I went for a quick walk around Braemar House taking some pictures of some of the old fittings (which I think are cool anyway), added a bit of music and here you go:

What do you think?

Next class I might see how you can change a scene you have filmed and make people look at it differently with a piece of music you choose!

Do you have any suggestions? Add them in the comments below.






6 thoughts on “8 Media: Soundtracks and Braemar House? (Video)

  1. If you had used a scary piece of music it would have made braemar house seem scary but instead it was kind of funky.
    You could do the same kind of thing by changing a scene of green grass and flowers into something spooky by using different music that you might hear in a thriller or a ghost movie.

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