8 Digital Media: Introduction to Photoshop & the Class! (Video)

Year-8-Digital-Media---Photoshop-STUDENTHi Chaps.

Here are the videos from some of the stuff we did in our first class yesterday.

If you have forgotten (it was yesterday)

  • I introduced you to what we will be doing in Digital Media
  • A really quick intro into what Photoshop is (and left you to explore for a while…those were some strange images you came up with…)
  • And finally, Talked about our first topic and explored the Multi-Touch Book I created.

Remember, that book has a lot of resources — video tutorials and step by step guides from me, extra links, and a bunch of cool stuff to explore. As it is on your iPad you can check it anytime.

I also gave you links to the books for the rest of the term. You don’t have to go through them now but if you want to get a head start feel free to explore them all.

Those that were absent for this first class if you could take the time to watch the two videos before our next class it will be a big help.


Photoshop Intro (8min):

Multi-Touch Book Intro (13min) (Your first topic!)


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