12 IDM: Export Options & Metadata (Important Info for SAC2)

Notification-CenterHi Chaps,

A reminder that the work on SAC 2 will be due at the end of Tuesday 23 of July (That would be the first day back folks)

As you know (by reading the success criteria, page 11 of the iBook) you need to export your final documentary in several formats and include the appropriate metadata. We discussed this a few weeks back and was detailed in the Readlist in a prior post (https://mrdansclasses.wordpress.com/2013/06/18/12-idm-export-formats-and-codecs-class-tutorial-video-readlist/)

I will also summarise what you need to do here. If you have any questions please let me know, we have Session 1 on the Tuesday back to finalise everything and I will also make sure I am free Session 4 and after school just in case.

First up, Metadata.

Metadata is basically data about data.



What is Metadata?

Finally, using metadata in Premier Pro



So, you will need to create your metadata for your documentary. If you are not using Premiere Pro you will need to manually make this file (in a .TXT file) with all the required information.

Now, Export Options.

You need to export your documentary in three formats:

  • WEB
  • DVD
  • Mobile phone

Also remember, you must also create a DVD cover using file formats suitable for high quality print (i.e.:  300 dpi etc…)


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