8 Geography: Exam Revision Week – Part 4 (Video) (Resource)

Untitled-1Today was our inaugural Humanities Jeopardy! Quiz and you all did a great job trying something a little different (and putting up with my dancing).

The great thing with this Jeopardy! style revision is it makes you think about a topic in a different way, giving you the answer and making you think of the question!

Below is the video (free of dancing) of the entire class, including the quiz and the discussion afterwords where we discussed the answers.

If you were a little unsure I would strongly suggest you watch through the later half (around 30 minutes or so) that involves the class discussion of the answers.

I have also attached the Keynote (with annoying countdown music) so you can play at home!

Remember I will be running Geography Revision Classes Wednesday and Thursday lunchtime if you would like a little extra help, just shoot me an email!

Video: (Warning: I do get a little animated presenting the quiz)


Jeopardy Quiz – Geography.key





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