8 PACE: Tagged – A Resource for Parents & Students (Resources) (Multi-Touch Book)


The Year 8 PACE program today will be looking at the short movie Tagged.

When a group of high-school friends post a rumour about a rival it sparks a chain reaction that leaves no one untouched. Cyberbullying, sexting, filmed fights and police action ensue — will these friends avoid being tagged forever?

This session will be run by College councillor Mr. Hopkins.

I have created a companion resource for students and parents in the form of a Multi-Touch Book for the iPad (also a PDF copy for other devices – note: videos will not work)

This book contains the Tagged movie as well as many other resources and links to provide further information and support for students and parents.

Please download the book from the links below.

PACE – Tagged.ibooks – Best version to view.

PACE – Tagged (PDF)



12 thoughts on “8 PACE: Tagged – A Resource for Parents & Students (Resources) (Multi-Touch Book)

  1. In watching this video I learnt that when ever you are doing something always question and re think your thoughts. One of the interesting things I learnt about was some of the laws related to sexting. One of my questions though would be, wasn’t braemar a part of a sexting scandal?? Could we talk more about this in some way?
    James D

  2. What exactly do if you were caught up in one of the situations like on the film?
    Not saying I was.

  3. The video made me realise that you should be very careful about what you do on the Internet and what you post or email to other people.

  4. In watching these video clips, I had learnt that you should report bullies to a teacher and to stand up for other people. I have learnt what Snapchat is about. Why do people take inappropriate pictures of themselves and forward it to other people?

  5. Sexting is bad in general. No one should take photos of someone or themselves and put it onto the Internet/send it. No matter what your current relationship is and no matter why you might want to. It’s a bad idea

  6. This video really emphasised the point that whatever you post online is out there forever. It amazes me that everything that you think is non-accessible for anyone else is still very much visible and if you commit a crime like this on any social media site, you will not escape.

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