Geography Weekend Blog Task (with Dogs…)

Hi Hummers,

Your blog task this weekend is an easy one.

We have been talking about Weather and what causes it.

Weather in Victoria can change rapidly, and there are four key influences:

Enso: (El Niño Southern Oscillation) rounds up tropical moist air in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean.

Ridgy: (Sub-tropical Ridge) and high pressure systems can block rainfall in Victoria.

Indy: (Indian Ocean Dipole) delivers moisture from the Indian Ocean.

Sam: (Southern Annular Mode) influences the strength and frequency of cold fronts over Victoria.


Climate Dogs

This may make sense in action:

Watch the video below.

You task is to try and tell me (post a comment below) what you think it is all about!

(We will be talking more about these climate processes more in future classes)

Victoria is well known for its variable climate. From year to year, four global climate processes vary their behaviour, potentially resulting in wetter or dryer seasons.

Explore ‘The Climatedogs’ below and learn how these four drivers work by herding rain towards or away from Victoria.



25 thoughts on “Geography Weekend Blog Task (with Dogs…)

  1. I think that these weather paterns bring all the ingredients for a year with normal rainfall together. If they do that properly then we have a Year with normal rainfall. If they don’t then we have a year with above or below average rainfall.

  2. I think that these weather patterns are great because anywhere where the weather is normal it would be really hot for ages and everyone would want a cool change, and vice versa. Whereas in Victoria is all over the place, if the dogs chase away the rain for a long time lowering the rainfall that puts us in drought, and if there is too much rain because the dogs are working over time then we have floods! These dogs don’t work normally; they like to mix it up.

  3. Mr. Garcia,
    I think that when all four of the dogs (Ensor, ridgy, Indy, Sam) come together and work how they are supposed to, we get a good amount of rain.
    If the four dogs don’t work well then we get an uneven amount of rainfall which leads to droughts and floods.

  4. I think it is about how our climate is changing and how that will effect the farmers and what we will to to prepare for the weather as best as possible

  5. If the four dogs do what they are supposed to do then Victoria will get enough rain at the right time. But recently they haven’t been so we have had either too little or too much rain.

    There is now an app which will tell you how much rain is forecasted to come down in the coming months

    The W stands for Honesty

  6. I think that if the four dogs work together and do what they are supposed to do, we will get a good amount of rain, aiding farmers. If they start to chase off the rain, the crops won’t grow as expected and we won’t get enough water. That’s drought.

  7. I think that when the four dogs do the right job we get the right amount of rain but when the dogs don’t do what they are meant to we get too much or not enough.

  8. I think when the four dogs are at the right places at the right time we get a good amount of rain but when they aren’t we get to much or not enough.

  9. I think this is about how these dogs chase around the clouds and are meant to direct some rainfall into Victoria but lately haven’t been and are more chasing them away then chasing the clouds in.

  10. I think Thai if these dogs can work together right, then we’ll have enough rainfall here in Victoria. I just hope none of them don’t start chasing their tails.
    Lachie Pham

  11. I don’t really understand what the dogs are supposed to be representing and where did they go? Can we please discuss this in class?

  12. The dogs are an…..interesting representation of weather patterns. If the fore mentioned weather patterns are working together they bring the proper amount of rain required for a good harvest but if they don’t Victoria either has a drought or gets flooded.

  13. I think that the four dogs control what our rainfall is like. If the dogs behave properly we get an even amount of rainfall. However if they don’t we can be left with unexpected weather that we don’t particulary want or need.

  14. I think if the four dogs all play and get a long well we get nice weather and if they get angry and don’t get along we get bad weather.

  15. I think if the dogs work together they bring rain at the right time for the right seasons but if the dogs go crazy and chase the rain we don’t get the recommended rainfall for the seasons… If that makes sense?

  16. I think that if the four dogs work together the rain the right amount at the right time (winter). If they don’t work together it will cause droughts or floods

  17. I think that when the dogs work together and get along the rain comes down in the right amount, but if they don’t then we get droughts or floods.

  18. Hi Mr. Garcia
    I think that when the four dogs work together then the farmers get rain, but lately the dogs haven’t been working together so there has been droughts

  19. When the four dogs work together they rain for the farmers to grow their crops, but when the dogs chase off the rain that’s when we get droughts.

  20. I think that these dogs play around and sometimes they get along nicely and sometimes not so nicely (stormy, dark and gloomy days and sunny, warm and clear days

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