IDM Holiday Classes (plus some spider pictures & video for good measure)

(Why does that sound like something your parents would send you to if you were naughty as a child?)

Hi Chaps,

Internet access isn’t the best in the jungle it seems so I have not been able to update much on the blog.

This will probably be my last message until Tuesday (well, that is dramatic)
I will be heading into the (bush, jungle?) again and, as I mentioned, they don’t do WiFi there.
Michelle Jones has kindly offered her assistance for anyone wanting to come in this week. She will make sure B3 is open for you and anything else you need (not sure if that covers food)
So, Tuesday is open for all.
I will be at Braemar all day Wednesday 10th and any other day you need.
If you can spare the time I strongly suggest coming in so I can see your progress and offer any help or Mr. Miyagi style advice (and also wish Zoe a happy birthday, she is old now)
Also, please see the pictures below. As you can see I am not on holiday here but busy collecting video reference for your bug videos.
Liam, the one below is for you. You will be glad to know the spider hung himself shortly after these shots were taken…
Also, if anyone cares here is a short video I shot the other day of my bike ride through some of the villages and country side, no spiders in this one:

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