The Inaugural IDM Awards

Hi IDMers.

We all know that the skills we are learning in our first SAC will help develop you into amazing people. As much as life skills are nice and all – what you really want is an award.

At the end of our first SAC we will be running the inaugural IDM Awards (these awards have a prestigious history going back at least 1 minute to when I started writing this post)

When you all finish your bug animations we will have a screening and silent vote.

The highest voted animation will be the winner.

Yes, you are all winners, but only one winner gets the winning prize (ok, that is just confusing)

You will receive a super, limited edition ‘Bugs Life’ book. This book is priceless (or 20c from the Macedon flea market)

It is also signed by the Braemar Dream-team of Deer, Ryan & Boustead (and Jones and Garcia for good measure)

This will no doubt become a family heirloom you will pass down from generation to generation.

Good luck




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