iTunes U – More students on-line then we have on campus!

The College iTunes U page I created was launched a few weeks back. Currently I have uploaded 10 of my courses I created for and ran in my classes.

I currently have a total of 899 students enrolled from around the world. That is more than we currently have enrolled a the college.

My Year 8 Medieval History course, one that covered all of Term 3, has 124 unique students subscribed. Add that to my usual 27 and thats a big class!

The potential of this is great. Not only does it allow my students to work in a more 21st century way – online, using their iPads and IBooks I have created as their primary resource. But also allows students that may be sick or having issues being in a classroom work in line with other students. All materials can be fully downloaded and accessed offline for our rural students without internet access.

I can create new posts and topics and interact with students wherever in the world they may be.

Breakdown of where our student subscriptions are located.

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