The Photog blog

The Photogs are a group of like minded students at the College that are into all things photography.

The range from Year 5 to Year 12

As we have yet to offer photography as a subject (though I believe we have a full photography lab that can hopefully one day be put back to good use!) I have been running this little group during lunchtimes.

It is used to talk about upcoming competitions the students can enter, things I think would be interesting for them and a chance for them to offer feedback on each others photos.

Being able to all meet at one time was the tricky part so I felt that moving the club on-line would be the easiest option. This way they can all meet at anytime.

This was also a great way to keep the group together and not let the younger members of the group possibly feel intimidated by the older (and way taller) members.

The benefit of this on-line interaction is it creates an even playing field. Everyone is equal.

Check it out at:


Welcome to the Braemar Photogs blog.

As getting you all to meet one day a week proved challenging the next logical step was to take it online. Now the photogs can all meet at anytime.

I will be posting new competitions for you to enter, info on cool photography stuff and other random things.

Please use this space to upload your photos so the rest of the group can see and comment on them (or send them to me and I can upload them)

Thanks Groovers,




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