VIT Registration 2012 – Choosing an Option and Focus

VIT Registration 2012 – Choosing an Option and Focus

Ways of developing evidence

There are three options for teachers to develop the evidence of their practice to meet the standards of professional practice for full registration.

I have chose option 3 –

  • collegial practice with a specific focus
  • commentary on professional activities

This involves developing a focus area and how this will impact on student learning.

In choosing my focus I have looked at my strengths and also the Collage Strategic Plan 2012-2015.

Key areas I want to include from the strategic plan into my focus are:

Learning and teaching

  • Innovation and creativity
  • Personalise learning for our students
  • Continuously build capacity within the teaching staff to maximise professional growth and performance
  • Provide practical support for educators which are student age and stage appropriate
  • Integrate agile technologies into learning and teaching
  • Gather, analyse and utilise feedback and data

Student Wellbeing

  • Support individual student differences

There are two areas I would like to develop.

In speaking with Mr. K. and other members of the leadership team; teaching for diversity and personalised learning are key concepts that the college is embracing.

This Collage is also on the forefront of providing opportunities for using ICT in the classrooms in innovative and creative ways. Introducing new forms and ways of working with ICT can always be difficult to implement in a whole school approach. Individuals understanding & experience in the technology and possible apprehension & reluctance to change can become blockers to student engagement and learning in 21st century schooling environments. Finding ways to work with teachers to help them in this transition is also an area I would like to address.

My teaching focus is going to be teaching for diversity in the classroom and how this can be done in an innovative and creative way Integrating agile technologies at my disposal at the College.

I will explore this by creating a series of lessons over a 4-6 week teaching block. This will work well with the final Term for my Year 8 SOSE Students.

My secondary focus is going to be that of building capacity within the teaching staff, provide practical support for educators and integrate agile technologies into learning and teaching. 

With the permission of the Principle I will plan to run sessions each week during Term 4 to interested teachers to help them in their ICT knowledge and ways to integrate and use this within the Collage. This can be things such as using the iPads, creating iBooks, blogs, new technologies and resources and how to access these such as Evernote (I will also be focusing on Evernote when I discuss gather, analyse and utilise feedback and data in my findings) and so on. These sessions will decided by a topic that has been put forward the previous week that staff would like more knowledge on.

I hope here to use my knowledge, experience and enthusiasm in ICT to help teachers wanting to strengthen their knowledge in this area and in turn I can learn valuable knowledge from their years of practical teaching experience.

Another key component of my VIT registration involves my professional activities that will link in with my focus.

This will be a great opportunity to continue my work with setting up our iTunes U channel, my involvement in the e-Learning committee as well as several other programs I will be running during the term such as The Photogs (The Collage’s slowly developing photo club) and creating an online presence and discussion portal for those students. I also want to implement a program I did briefly in Term 2 creating a range on ICT related lunchtime activities for other interested students.

I will be documenting my progress and providing my findings on a blog:

Thank-you for your time,



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